Conotech Aquila 650LIIR


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Conotech Aquila 650LIIR Thermal  Camera

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Conotech Aquila 350LIIR Thermal  Camera

The CONOTECH Aquila 350LIIR Thermal Monocular is a compact and versatile IR device, perfect for observing both short and long distances in urban or natural environments. With a built-in rangefinder module, it offers precise measurements up to 1200 m. Take your exploring to the next level with the CONOTECH Aquila 350LIIR Thermal Monocular. Whether you're navigating the city or exploring the great outdoors, this compact and versatile IR device has got you covered. Its built-in rangefinder module allows you to accurately measure distances up to 1200 m, making it the perfect tool for any observation needs.

Key Features

Sensor Vox ADVANCED 640*512 Px. 12μm ≤20mk.

Rangefinder. Patented LIIR technology.

Measurements 5...1200 m.

Lens F50mm. Fast focusing with locking at 70 m.

Magnification 4.8x...20x. Long detection range 2800 M

8 palettes. Waterproof up to 1 m. Super compact.

Double nutrition. 10 hours of continuous operation.

USB-C port.

Video recorder. 32 GB memory.

Wi-Fi module.

Smooth zoom.

New App Conotech. Firmware update online.

Observation with glasses. One-handed operation. Installation on a tripod.


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Conotech Aquila 650LIIR

Conotech Aquila 650LIIR

Conotech Aquila 650LIIR Thermal  Camera